• SC-HBP25T
  • SC-HBP100T(Bottom Press)

Hydraulic Baling Press

Hydraulic Sack Press
  • SC-HBP baling the woven bags , FIBC jumbo bag, tarpaulin, fabric or net by hydraulic into final packaging size to reduce the volume for stacking or transport. Custom sizes and applications are available.
  • Model SC-HBP25T SC-HBP25P
    Baling Type Table Pallet
    Max.Press Capacity 25 ton (245 kN)
    Max. Press Area 1300 x 1100 mm
    Hydraulic Power Unit 5 HP
    Diameter of Cylinder ø150 mm
    Stroke of Cylinder 1000 mm 1500 mm
    Max. Open Height 1250 mm 1750 mm
    Compression Height 250 mm (min.)
    Height Control Adjustable by Limit Switch