FIBC Jumbo Bag Panel Cutting Machine

Big Bulk Bag Hemming Spout Cutting Machine
  • SC-JBPCM produced fabric panel of FIBC jumbo bag from woven fabric roll with hemming, spout cutting and crossing cutting. Fabric roll width up to 2200mm, panel cutting length up to 10m, production capacity up to 20 m/min, side folding width from 30mm to 80mm.

    • Fabric roll pneumatic lifting
    • Edge position control
    • Fabric accumulator unit
    • Side hemming device
    • Spout cutting unit
    • Cross cutting unit
  • Model SC-JBPCM1400 SC- JBPCM2200
    Applicable Material Flat / Tubular Woven Fabric
    Fabric Roll Width 1400 mm (max.) 2200 mm (max.)
    Panel Cutting Length 10 meter (max.)
    Fabric Roll Diameter ø1200 mm (max.)
    Production Capacity 15 - 20 m/min with Side Hemming & Spout Cutting
    Side Hemming Type Sewing / Gluing
    Side Folding Width 30 - 80 mm
    Spout Cutting Cross X / Circle O / Profile