• SC-GCSM800

Gusset Woven Bag Conversion Line

Woven Sack Side Gusset Cutting Sewing Machine
  • SC-GCSM produced bottom-sewn woven bag with side gusset from tubular coated/uncoated fabric roll. Continuous processing included side gusset, cross cutting, bottom folding, sewing and bag stacking.

    • Fabric roll pneumatic lifting device
    • Side gusset device
    • Fabric accumulator unit
    • Printing mark sensor
    • Mouth opening device
    • Feeding bag length by servo motor
    • Hot/cold cutting device
    • Transfer conveyor
    • Bottom folding device
    • Sewing machine & thread cutting
    • Bag stacking device
  • Model SC-GCSM800
    Woven Bag Type Bottom-Sewn Sack with Side Gussets
    Fabric Roll Width 300 - 800 mm
    Bag Cutting Length 600 - 1250 mm
    Fabric Roll Diameter ø1200 mm (max.)
    Production Capacity 20 - 28 bags/min
    Side Gusset Width 40 - 100 mm
    Bottom Folding Width 20 - 30 mm
    Sewing Unit DN-2HS
    Collection Type Counting Stack Type