SC-CLB Circular Loom
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Circular Loom (Big Cam)

Big Cam Circular Weaving Machine
  • SC-CLB produces tubular/flat woven fabric suitable for woven bag, laminated bag, FIBC jumbo bag, tarpaulin, geotextile and agrotexitile from PP and HDPE tapes. Shuttle's number from 4 shuttles to 6 shuttles, double flat working width from 35cm to 130cm, weft insertion rate from 500ppm to 600 ppm.
  • Model SC-CLB4 SC-CLB6
    Applicable Yarn PP / HDPE Tapes
    Double Flat Working Width 35 - 80 cm 80 - 130 cm
    No. of Shuttles 4 pcs 6 pcs
    No. of Tapes 720 pcs 1200 pcs
    Weft Insertion Rate 500 ppm 600 ppm
    Fabric Roll Diameter ø1200 mm
    Core & Bobbin
    Core Inside Diameter ø22 / ø35 mm
    Core Length 230 mm
    Warp Bobbin Diameter ø140 mm
    Weft Bobbin Diameter ø100 mm