SC-FY PP/HDPE Tape Extrusion Line
  • SC-FY PP/HDPE Tape Extrusion Line
  • Melt Pressure Transducer
  • Extrusion T-Die
  • Adjustable Slitting
  • Hot Air Stretching
  • Fibrillation Device
  • Winding
  • Guide Wheel
  • Tension Wheel
  • Tape Cross Winder
  • PP/HDPE Tape (Flat Yarn)

PP/HDPE Tape Extrusion Line

Flat Yarn Making Machine
  • SC-FY for PP and HDPE Tapes. The main applications of the taps are in woven bag, PP-kraft paper laminated bag, FIBC jumbo bag, tarpaulin, geotextile, agrotextile, carpet backing, rope and twine. Screw of extruder from ø85mm to ø120mm, extrusion capacity up to 300 kg/hr, operating speed up to 250 m/min, effective working width from 900mm to 1300mm.

    • Three shaft gearbox of single screw extruder
    • Belt type screen changer
    • PID temperature control
    • Variable-frequency drive speed control
    • HMI control system
    • Edge trim recycling device
    • Stainless steel water tank
    • Hard chrome plated godet roller
    • Hot air circulation oven
    • Magnetic drive cross winder
  • Model SC-FY85 SC-FY100 SC-FY120
    Applicable Material PP / HDPE
    Extrusion Capacity 150 kg/hr 225 kg/hr 300 kg/hr
    Operating Speed 250 m/min
    Screw Diameter ø85 mm ø100 mm ø120 mm
    Screw L/D 35:1
    Drive Motor 75 HP 100 HP 125 HP
    Heater Capacity 25 kw 35 kw 40 kw
    Thermo Control 5 zones 6 zones 6 zones
    Screen Changer Continuous Belt Type Screen Changer
    T-Die Length 1000 mm 1200 mm 1400 mm
    Heater Capacity 16 kw 20 kw 24 kw
    Thermo Control 4 zones 5 zones 5 zones
    Cooling Water Device
    Quench Tank Stainless Steel Tank with Water Circulation System
    Chiller 15 HP 20 HP 25 HP
    Take-Up Unit
    Drive Motor 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
    Take-Up Roller ø215 x 1000L ø215 x 1200L ø215 x 1400L
    Water-Stop Device 2 sets
    Slitting Unit
    Drive Motor 7.5 HP 10 HP 15 HP
    Take-Off Roller ø295 x 1000L ø295 x 1200L ø295 x 1400L
    Edge Trim Recycling Crushing, Conveying and Feeding
    Hot Air Stretching Device
    Oven Size 1000Wx4000L 1200Wx4000L 1400Wx4000L
    Heater Capacity 32 kw 40 kw 48 kw
    Take-Off Unit
    Drive Motor 15 HP 20 HP 30 HP
    Take-Off Roller ø295 x 1000L ø295 x 1200L ø295 x 1400L
    Winding Unit
    Type Magnetic Disk Cross Winder
    No. of Spindles 160 pcs 200 pcs 240 pcs
    Drive Motor 1/4 HP 1/2 HP
    Traverse Length 200 mm 250 mm
    Bobbin Core ø35(ID) x 230L mm ø90(ID) x 280L mm
    Tape Roll Diameter ø150 mm ø280 mm