Circular looms weave single flat or double flat woven fabric by PP/HDPE tape(flat yarn) for woven bag, FIBC jumbo bag, cement bag, tarpaulin, waterproof fabric and weed control fabric.

CL series circular loom used swing lever to drive heddle bar indirectly by cam. CLB series circular loom is the direct driving without swing lever for better efficiency.

Warp placed on the creel stand pass through the holes on the heddles to do shedding motion for shuttles passing. Weft are the yarn on the shuttles.

Winding unit in circular loom includes double flat(tubular) winding, double-width winding and back to back winding for different purpose.

Number of Shuttles on circular loom is from 4 to 8 shuttles. Circular loom double flat working width is from 35 to 200 cm.