Monofilament extrusion lines used PP / HDPE / PA / PET raw materials to produce monofilaments for various purposes, such as shade net, agricultural net, building net, fishing net, safety net, fishing line, trimmer line,bristle, brush, rope and danline.

MFP series are suitable for PP(Polypropylene) / HDPE(High Density Polyethylene) raw materials, and MFN series are suitable for PA(Nylon) / PET(Polyester) raw materials.

The plastic raw materials are fed into the extruder from the hopper and pass through three section(feed / compression / metering)single-screw driven by the motor and gear reducer. The barrel is heated outside by the band heaters. The raw material transformed into the plastic melt to the screen changer or gear pump and then extruded from the monofilament die. Monofilament’s size and number depends on the size and number of spinning holes on the die plate.

The monofilament is cooled by a cooling water tank(quenching bath) and then stretching and annealing by the speed difference of the drawing device. The pneumatic press rollers on the take-off device make monofilament difficult to slip on the godet rollers during the stretching step.

Hot water stretching tank used hot water heated by cartridge heater to stretch the monofilament for great strength. Hot air annealing oven used hot air to anneal the monofilament for relieving the stresses. PA and PET require additional hot air stretching oven and drawing device for the second stretching processing.

The winder consists of many forms like bi-conical, flange, spool and warp beam to meet different processing requirements.