Tape extrusion lines can be produced PP/HDPE tape(flat yarn) for woven bag, FIBC jumbo bag, cement bag, PP-paper laminated bag, onion bag, shade net, tarpaulin, livestock shelter, weed control fabric and rope.

FY series is the standard model using hot air stretching oven for stretching. FYE series is the  economic model with hot plate stretching device.

The plastic raw materials are fed into the extruder from the hopper and pass through three section(feed / compression / metering)single-screw driven by the motor and gear reducer. The barrel is heated outside by the band heaters. The raw material transformed into the plastic melt to the screen changer or gear pump and then the plastic film is extruded from the t-die.

After cooling by the quench tank, film drawed from the take-up unit to slitting by the knife. Using the speed difference of the drawing device between hot air stretching oven for stretching tapes. The ratio of line speed is also called the stretching ratio. Using Fibrillation Device for fibrillated flat yarn.

The winders wind up flat yarn for various size driven by the magnetic disk or torque motor.